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What To Expect

A Biblical blueprint walked out. We are born into a society that does not know the ways of Elohim, but in your case, desperately wants to. Prayers are formed to be heard, and ultimately, answered one way or another. This time of training has been meticulously put together to guide you into reaching for those inner longings for the ancient ways. Walk with us and find who you really are as we embrace the rhythms of sacredness, community, interactive revelation, and personal restoration. You will leave this world of space for a few days and enter into a timeless wave of discovery designed exactly for that.


Safe Leadership

We can’t wait to see you! You will be well taken care of while you are with us. Your leaders are equipped, strong, open, and ready. Your training will be transformative, enjoyable, and sacred. We understand that novel experiences can feel intimidating to some. We are here to support you, so you are as comfortable as possible and feel secure to fully participate and support those on this journey with you. This is not a doctrinal debating opportunity, but rather a hands-on experience of the ancient realities of the Bible as much as possible. 


Safe Community

Confidentiality, respect, bonding, and personal sovereignty are priorities at the Hineni Institute. Your training will reinforce these things. You are invited as you are.  


Continued Safe Community

Ongoing follow up and private group interactive opportunities (including Zoom/email) are provided so that the positive ripple effects of this experience can be optimized, and the relationships that were formed can flourish and deepen. We want you to have the means if you choose to remain connected and moving forward together.



Healthy, delicious, organic, nutritious, and 100 % natural food is what is on the menu. Treat/dessert items will be prepared and served in healthier versions. If you are accustomed to a high sugar diet (including soft drinks), be aware of this. High quality coffee and teas will be provided at breakfast and lunch, and a glass of wine will be offered at dinner upon request. 


Clean, comfortable rooms and bathrooms will be shared. Please include any roommate preferences on the required questionnaire, and we will do our best to accommodate you, but be prepared to lodge with women you have never met as well. Ear plugs will be provided.



 You will move your body during this experience, (to your personal comfort level, of course). This is not a sedentary, classroom experience. You will be engaging in stretching, some walking, and other fun movement to keep your body comfortable and energized. In fact, The Hineni Institute features our own “Levitical Movement” which is a beautiful way to use our bodies as part of the sacred experience.


You will have personal time and small group interactive opportunities to reflect during this adventure. You will not be rushed through sacred things at the pace typical of other types of conferences. This will be experiential. We want you to absorb what Abba is telling you. A journal and pen will be provided for you to keep.

Electronic Devices

This experience is immersive. This means we will separate ourselves from the outside world as much as possible and enter into the timelessness of sacred space. Therefore, cell phones and watches may be brought, but will be held in a safe on site for you during the entirely of your training. There is an EMERGENCY number to provide for your loved ones in case an absolutely unavoidable emergency arises during your time away with us. We strongly encourage you to express to your friends and family that your experience will be compromised unnecessarily if they reach out to contact you for anything that is not urgent. The emergency phone/pager will be monitored the entire time by a staff member dedicated to this task, so if it is needed, it is reliable.


Sugar Hollow is a nonsmoking property. (If this is a sincere problem for you, please reach out to us and we will discuss the options to deal with this.)

What To Bring

  • A Bible (Remember, you will not have your phone or iPad.)

  • Comfy clothing items that are not restrictive to movement.

  • Tennis shoes (or the comfortable equivalent with a closed toe)

  • Warm, soft socks

  • Prescription medications (refrigeration is provided for medications requiring it) and whatever supplements are in your daily regimen.

  • Toiletries (Some women will opt to use cosmetics, some will not. You just be yourself and come as you prefer.)



$2000 (all inclusive). Your investment includes all lodging, meals and event activities. Travel not included. 

Refund Policy

Please note that reservations made less than 21 days prior to the start date of the event are NON-REFUNDABLE unless an occupancy replacement is made. 

Getting  There

If you are flying in the day prior (highly recommended) you can stay in local accommodations that you arrange . If you are flying in THE DAY OF, it is imperative that your flight be scheduled to land by AT LEAST 10:00 am EST on Monday. Flights can be delayed, or other obstacles can emerge these days with travel. If you are renting a car, please consider time for that as well. (Carpooling and airport transfers is most likely available upon request).


Since this training is intricately designed and very structured, being late is not an option. You must arrive at the venue no earlier than 1:15 and no later than 1:45. Doors open at 1:45 pm .

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