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The Hineni Institute is a training center with the objective of transformation from an attachment and neurocognitive perspective within a biblical paradigm. The Bible is our blueprint. Take the ancient path into the Torah. This immersive therapeutic biblical training is accomplished through safe, interactive, supportive, experiential, and educational interventions.


This is biblical living. This training is a vital privilege, as modern society is so far removed from biblical culture. The result is confusion in regard to the text and context of bible study. We at the Hineni Institute strive to eliminate that confusion using safe guidance toward inspiration, peace, purpose, courage, and restoration.


​Primary concepts most often misunderstood in religious systems are identity and attachment. The most common hindrance to identity is understanding trauma. Everyone has experienced some type of trauma. Enduring trauma is part of being human, as trauma comes in many forms, often unrecognized. Experienced, qualified practitioners have prepared a powerful journey for you to safely discover and overcome that which interferes with joyful and abundant spiritual growth.


​Our goal is to lead you on a biblical journey of joy, faith and reconciliation to the Truth. Come and enjoy our adventures that will catapult you forward toward your destiny. At the Hineni Institute, windows are open, and the fresh air flows in.


The Hineni Institute is here to provide you with an experience you’ll treasure on your way home to Eden.

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