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We    lcome to the HINENI INSTITUTE! 

 Hineni (הנני) is Hebrew for “here I am.

“After these things God tested Abraham.

He said to him, ‘Abraham!’

And he said, ‘Here I am.’”

(Genesis 22:1)

Move forward. Yes, YOU.

What does it mean to “move forward”? Toward what?  What should we consider our compass?

One of the more insidious obstacles many of us face is the hidden fear of experience. Few would ever recognize this hurdle, for this impediment is often framed as prudence or restraint.  ​


There is a time to be still and careful. Indeed, the path of life does not exist without necessary rest stops along the way. However, the shade of that resting tree often becomes a settled home rather than a refreshing breather.  We wane and slumber past daybreak and then automatically get breakfast ready again. Everything has stopped. The stillness becomes deafening as we wait for some distant bell to coax us onward. We often mistake that nudging for the wind when we hear it and keep waiting.


In this place, the view never changes, and the rest becomes stagnant. We repeat the same day over and over. Our lives become creased and worn. We become tightly wedged between judiciousness and impatience, resulting in the agitation that scratches our lens and shrinks our world.

“Experience without theory is blind,

but theory without experience

is mere intellectual play.”

-Immanuel Kant

Life in the thinking lane can only take us so far. We must move and do, not just think and plan. We must move. We must act. Fear of making a mistake decorates us like a garland of barbed wire. Do you feel that way right now? If you do, think about starting again. Fear not. The path continues.​


YOU WILL MAKE MISTAKES. Make your peace with that. Warring permanently with perfection is the biggest game of chicken you will ever play. Perfection wins every time because it doesn’t even acknowledge you. You yourself are invisible in the wake of its ruthless grasp. RESIST. Be seen. EMERGE. Live in motion. MOVE FORWARD. Kierkegaard says it well;

“To dare is to lose one’s 

footing momentarily.

Not to dare

is to lose oneself.”

Don’t become lost in the small, immovable walls of your home. Get found out in the wilderness where every bend and turn ushers you into the unpredicted. Life awaits you there. You were given life to live it, not philosophize about living it. SO LIVE.


MOVE FORWARD. It’s time.

Thank you for allowing The Hineni Institute to be a part of your journey. Let’s MOVE FORWARD together. The path is RIGHT THERE.  The Joy is all around you.



“Qui n'avance pas, recule.”​

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